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Lucien Wings.jpg

Black and White:

Prices Start At:
Portrait: $60
Half-Body: $70
Full-Body: $85
(Per character)

Robin young sketch final 2.jpg

Rendered Scenes:

Prices Start At:
Half-Body: $450
Full-Body: $550
(*Up to 2 characters included + Full Background )

Ceci 8x10.jpg

Color Sketch:

Prices Start At:
Portrait: $75
Half-Body: $90
Full-Body: $105
(Per character)

Naomi Hughes Print Format White Pages.jpg

Covers & Spreads:

Prices Start At:
(Includes Typography and formatting)

Howl Luke Final v1.jpg

Full Render:

Prices Start At:
Portrait: $130
Half-Body: $165
Full-Body: $205
(Per character)


  • Prices are base rates

  • Complex additions and detailing will be extra.

  • No more than 3 characters per image.


  • Commercial rates are available for both Black & White and Color Sketches, Full Renders, Scenes, and Book Covers/Spreads

  • All commercial images have a one-time commercial use/royalty fee; Fee varies based on scale of work and intended use.

  • Artwork is digital, high quality, and formatted for printing and publishing needs; cost is included in project price.

  • All payments are made via Paypal invoice; prices are listed in USD. 

  • Commercial clients must be 18 years or older, as all commercial work requires a contract signature. Exemptions are only applied if a legal guardian or parent is able to sign.

  • Under no circumstances are commissions permitted for use in AI or AI related training and/or engines. 

  • ​NEW POLICY AS OF JAN 2024: I will no longer be illustrating commercial work (covers, illustrations, prints, etc) for series that have Explicit or Mature content that is: graphic sexual content** (such as Open Door scenes, smut, erotica, etc), heavy gore, or heavily explicit violence, regardless of the overall genre (YA, NA, Adult, etc) or the content of the artwork. It is my discretion to accept, ​decline, or make exceptions. 

    **An exception may be possible if the book or series had a closed door/fade-to-black/no spice version.**

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