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About me

Hello! I am Amelia, aka "SakuraArtist", a 29 year old freelance Illustrator currently living in Atlanta. I am the illustrator of the webcomic The Safekeepers; Cover artist for published books such as: Naomi Hughes' Mercurial and The Sundered Worlds Trilogy; Cover artist for Piper Bee's Joy's Summer Love Playlist releases; and Cover artist for Graphic Audio's Tangent Knights series. More series and books TBA.

My hobby is the same as my passion; I love to draw, and to bring characters and stories to life through visual means. I specialize in character design with digital media.

I graduated from Kennesaw State University's Fine Arts program in Dec 2017, and I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. I have spent well over a decade as a freelance artist, and I love every minute of it!

For inquiries about commissions, freelance work, or contract work, please email me at, or through my "contact" tab.

Be sure to check out my Instagram!
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